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Cota, Cundinamarca, Colombia. Télefono, Mapa, Servicio al cliente y Rastreo en COORDINADORA MERCANTIL HUB, Cundinamarca.

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Tipo Shop & Service Point
Dirección Cota, Cundinamarca, Colombia
Horario de atención
Télefono +57 310 3157444
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Anderson Martin Alarcon Jaramillo - 2022-10-11

Send a package on 09/27/2022 from Yopal Casanare to Bogota with an appointment and 5 business days to deliver. I did not fulfill coordinator. Today 10/11/2022 I had to go to the coordinator Hub in Cota to complain, they sent me to go to industry and transport because, according to what they are responsible for, I called ext 1357 at number 4868080 so they could solve it for me. I had to pay someone who didn't want to. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS TRANSPORTATION COMPANY

Carlos Pacheco - 2022-09-27

Good fast and timely service, ample spaces to collect merchandise

Omar Hastamorir - 2022-10-19

It is an industrial zone where the merchandise distribution operation is carried out at the Bogotá and savannah levels.

Yolima Beltran - 2020-08-25

Based on the information acquired, it is a very good company, but I went to present some tests for a process in charge of the call center and it seems to me a lack of respect and seriousness regarding the time of tests, in the first place the person is supposed to be there present and having measurements in the tests left us the first one and a time of almost an hour passed and the person in charge did not appear as several of the people left and at the time of leaving no one was around, the staff passed by without asking Where or where were we headed? In conclusion, there was a lot of disorder at the time of the testing processes. I can't imagine how it will be at the time of selection and hiring. That is lack of responsibility and commitment to people.

Paula Caceres - 2022-01-05

Very bad company and you hardly get the minimum with long shifts and the overtime is wrapped up if you don't put pressure on yourself as if it were one's obligation to fight for overtime worked